Build Your Brand For Success | Brand v Branding

Laying the foundations for all the different parts of our business, whether it be marketing, advertising, networking, branding and so on, is crucial to it’s success, so I wanted to share and explore with you the difference between what a BRAND is and what BRANDING is.

Years ago before I started my own business, I thought that Brand and Branding meant the same thing just one had an ING on the end of it! How wrong could I have been 

So let’s start our journey together by understanding the differences between them as this will put you in a strong position to building your brand for success.


A BRAND exists only in the minds of your customers. It’s defined as a person’s perception of your product, service and business. Your BRAND is what your prospects think of when they hear your BRAND (business) name. It’s the sum total of all the impressions a customer has, based on every interaction they have had with you, your business and your products. Each one of those interactions tells a story to your customers. If your customer believes that a product is new and innovative, then those attributes become part of your brand in that customer’s mind. If your packaging is beautifully illustrated, then they may view your brand as sophisticated or elite. On the other hand, if your service is poor, customers might think you’re unprofessional and don’t value them as customers. If your print materials are designed in MS Paint, you may look cheap and amateur.

It’s the overall experience of a customer that distinguishes a business from its competitors, in the eyes of the customer. One of the benefits to developing a BRAND that is recognizable, is it will increase customer awareness, but this takes time and careful planning.

All this will make more sense as we start to add all the different elements to creating a BRAND.

In the meantime, think about a couple of brands that you like and WHY you like them?  

Then think about your BRAND and write down all the things that your customers like about it. 


BRANDING on the other hand is all the ways you establish an image of your business in your potential customers’ eyes.

By building a website that describes what you offer and using unique and personalised images that showcase what you do, designing Facebook ads that promote your products and services, using specific branded colors that will be associated with your business, creating a logo and featuring it across all your social media platforms and on your website, you are BRANDING your business and shaping people’s perceptions of it. The purpose of BRANDING is to simply and easily help your customers understand what you offer and how you’re different and is the combination of all the ways you communicate what your BRAND and what your business stands for.

Think of all the things you are currently doing to establish an image of your business amongst your target audience and write them down in your ‘Build Your Brand For Success’ notebook.

If you have any questions relating to these definitions please feel free to share them in the comments box below.