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When I met with Anna and Emma for the first time to gather more details about the types of professional images that required for their brand and to promote their online presence, I asked Anna where the name ‘In the Works PR’ came from. For years, Anna’s nickname has been ‘Span’ so when she set up her business, she wanted to try and incorporate this to give a personalised touch to the name and as she thought of phrases to do with span and spanner she came up ‘throwing a spanner  in the works’ and ta da…. In the Works PR was formed!

From writing winning award entries and delivering superlative SEO content, to planning events and getting you noticed by the media, Anna and her team have the experience and know-how to advise on all aspects of your communications activity to ensure your business is effectively communicating your messages, good or bad, to all your audiences.

From the moment I met with Anna and her lovely team, I knew that there would be a creative and fun element to their images and I was right. As a passionate and creative PR and Social Media business, capturing the team in a natural but professional way, individually and as a group, alongside some ‘fly on the wall’ fun shots of staff at work and together were the key priorities on their Brand Photo Shoot whilst incorporating one of their brand colours, purple! 

As it so happened, one of the walls in their new office was just the right colour and lucky for me it was next to a big window that gave me some lovely natural light so this is where I created their individual business headshots as you can see here. 

Before I pick up my camera, there is a lot of planning that happens first. During a 2 hour pre shoot consultation with Anna and Emma I found out a lot about the business, the brand, it’s personality and values, what kinds of images they wanted and how they were going to use them after their Brand Photo Shoot. As part of the planning process, I always create an ideas board on Pinterest to share with my client so we can explore the image ideas together and this gives me a better understanding of what they like and what they don’t like.  

On the list of images to create for In the Works PR were some informal team meeting shots and ones showing their lovely office space with staff at work. 

And taking some of the ideas from their Pinterest board, we found a great looking, red brick wall nearby which I used to create some relaxed team shots. 

It’s great seeing a project come together for a client so they have some branded, eye catching images to use online and in print to showcase their business, its brand and it’s personality. 

To connect with In the Works PR, here are a couple of links for you and

If you’re fed up of using the same stock images time and time again on your website and would love to have some that represent your brand and tell your story, please get in touch for a complimentary, no obligation 30 min discovery call on 07877 927 801 or email

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