Build Your Brand For Success | Why personalised Brand Photography is a crucial part of our Brand

Every business in every industry can benefit greatly from professional photography to promote it’s products and services. No matter who our customers are or what we are selling, high quality, eye catching and personalised photography is a crucial part to helping us build our Brand Identity and Brand Awareness.  

Lots of businesses use stock images or phone shots on their website, but they don’t help us to build our own Brand and help us to stand out from the crowd and attract our target audience because they aren’t unique to our Brand Identity.   

When it comes to investing in the ‘future success’ of your business brand, investing in professional photography is MUST HAVE in your Brand Tool Kit!

There are lots of benefits to having professional images to showcase our business brand, it’s personality and values, and the products and services we offer. 

1. Images speak a thousand words and give our brand the WOW factor…

As consumers we love to look at great looking, eye catching images more than we do reams of text and we see images before we start to read, so by having professionally created images that reflect our business brand and speak to your target audience, on our LinkedIn profile, website and other social media platforms, we’re going to attract our ideal customers to our business brand where they will want to find out more about what we offer. You’ve probably heard this adage before, and it is more true today then ever before as we live in such a visual society and social media has amplified that a million times over. Images allow our audience to instantly connect with us when they can see what we look like as a professional. In this day and age, consumers like to see things for themselves before making a decision about a purchase or a commitment, so the quality in what we’re showing them is more valuable than ever before.

2. A professional business should look professional…

If we are a professional business that wants to be taken seriously by others then everything about our brand needs to look professional, including the images we use online and offline, on our website, social media pages and in printed materials.  

3. First impressions last…

In a busy online marketplace, we need to create the best first impression we can of our business brand, and with so many opportunities to communicate with our target audience through our website, social media and print, the first impression of our business is likely to be a visual one, so the images that we put in front of them show who we are as a business. Having a professional business headshot that shows our unique style and personality, alongside  a branded cover photo on our social media pages will go a long way to helping us build our brand for success! The same can work in reverse, if we have a poor quality profile image and cover photo and are using phone shots on our website, these will start to damage our brand over time if we continue to use them.

4. Our customers want to get to know US…

When people visit our website and social media pages, they want to get to know us, the person behind the business. Stock images don’t help them do that and they could give people a false impression of what we offer. The best way for potential customers to get to know, like and trust our business is by showing them high quality, eye catching images that relate to our business, our team members and our products and services. Stock images are one alternative that some businesses consider when they feel a photo shoot with a professional photographer might be out of reach but having images that represent our brand, is one of the best investments we can make to help build the foundations for future success. While stock photos are certainly helpful for some purposes, they are not the best way to showcase our business. Why? Because they are not images that represent our business.

5. Eye catching images can help increase our online visibility and credibility…

Unique, eye catching images help to differentiate us from our competitors, attract and engage more of our target audience, which will keep them on our website and social media pages for longer and encourage them to choose us over a competitor and this creates customer preference for our products and services. This in turn leads to an increase in enquiries and sales. If our images are also search engine optimized, they can help our website get found in the image results and perform better in the overall search results. 

6. Professional photography has many uses…

When it comes to marketing our business, ‘content is king’. This has been the case for a while now, and it definitely still holds true but many businesses don’t realize that photos are content – and a powerful, versatile form of content. Our unique, brand images can be used everywhere both online and offline to engage with our target audience and help us to build our brand for success. They can be used on our website, in our blog posts, press releases, on all our social media profiles, on membership sites, online articles, on the back of a book as an author, in brochures and on flyers, to name just a few.  


If we aren’t prepared to invest in our business then we can’t expect others to either. By investing in professional photography that is unique to our brand,  we instantly start to connect with our target audience and this helps our brand become more credible and visible which positively impacts our business with more enquiries and sales!

Before my lovely client, Simon Chalk, Owner & Equity Release Planner at Laterliving now! launched his new business brand, he contacted me about some brand photography for his new website. Simon knew that he wanted his images to look professional, eye catching and appealing to his target audience. As part of his brand identity, he wanted his imagery to be personalised, showing how he works with his clients, and reflect his reputation as a friendly, caring and trustworthy professional.  As an Equity Release Planner, Simon helps his clients decide if it’s right for them, advises on the best plan for meeting their needs and will put everything in place, making the experience as simple and straightforward for them as possible.


My brief was to create a number of different images with different looks to them, for use on the Laterliving now! website, on LinkedIn and Twitter, and offline in press releases in the Reflections and S40 Local magazines. If you’d like to connect with Simon, please click on one of the following links…,

Amanda came highly recommended by a professional introducer to my business – Daniel Bailey of Middleton Finance. The good thing with photography, is that her beautiful work was right there for me to see on Danny’s own website. Amanda spent time with me, getting to understand my business, professional introducers, and most crucially – my clients. She was very keen to get a feel for the uniqueness of what we do so that she could capture the right images to complement our website and branding and Amanda spent time with me planning and identifying the right locations for the shoots. Let’s be frank – nobody likes having their picture taken! Yet actually, I did with Amanda. She just has the most amazingly relaxed persona and a lovely smile, which put me at ease even on half-day-long shoots. Clients and professional introducers alike, have remarked on the attractiveness and natural-looking images on our website. As a specialist in helping people in later life, it is most important that the imagery feels appropriate to my target market, and in this regard, I could not have been more pleased with the results” 

If you want to Build Your Brand For Success and aren’t currently using your own unique, eye catching brand photography that resonates with your target audience, then please get in touch and we can explore some ideas on a complimentary 30 min. Discovery Call.

Speak soon, Amanda x

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