Business Headshot Sneak Peek | Nadine Peatfield, Director of Lots for Tots Ltd | Derbyshire Business Headshot Photographer | Amanda McConnell Photography

It never ceases to amaze me how many amazing mums there are that juggle running a business and looking after their family, something that Nadine Peatfield knows all to well as the Director of the Lots for Tots magazine for the Under 5’s, whilst being a mum to two daughters age 7 and 9.

Nadine has been building up her business since 2008 when she started working on the Derby magazine which has now become 1 of 7 franchises that are also run by mums. Nadine also set up the Bump to Five Show and last year organised the East Midlands Baby & Toddler Show.

If you would like more details about Lots for Tots please visit and for details about the East Midlands Baby & Toddler Show visit


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