New Business Headshots & Business Branding for Sarah Coe, Founder of Happy Life Magnet

Our lovely ‘You Are Your Brand’ client Sarah Coe approached Hayley and myself after she had decided to set up her new business venture and website for Happy Life Magnet. As part of developing her new brand, Sarah wanted to feel confident knowing that she was wearing the right colours and style of clothes so Hayley spent time with her at home going through her current outfits, carrying out a colour and style consultation and then putting some outfit boards together so Sarah could go shopping knowing exactly what colours and style of clothes suited her well. Once Sarah knew what her colour palette was, she used some of them for her ‘branded’ colours.

Women in Business Headshots


Women in Business HeadshotsSarah Coe 3 for blog

Following Sarah’s consultation with Hayley, I worked with her to find out exactly what images she was wanting to help promote her new business venture and after a pre shoot consultation with Sarah it was clear what she was wanting to achieve from the look of her images. As a caring, happy and empathetic person, Sarah wanted her images to be creative and fun with her looking professional and approachable. I hope you’ll agree that she looks great and we achieved what Sarah wanted!

Women in Business Heashots

“Being a ‘You are your brand’ client has been invaluable to my business, Happy Life Magnet. Hayley was able to advise me on different styles to match my body type which has given me more confidence. She also gave me great advice on colours that suit my skin tone. I learnt a lot, and a few of my dubious colour choices have been banished now I’ve seen the difference the right colour choice makes! I even ditched the red tones in my hair, and had a few inches cut off the length to give it more shape, and I have to admit it looks better now! I am glad that my favourite colours made the grade though, and it gave me the added confidence to base my branding around them (cool tone pinks and purples).

Hayley works closely with Amanda, so by the time Amanda took up the reins I was set up with my colours and Amanda was able to contribute to my styling choices for different photo shots, as she was well informed about my wardrobe.

I’m always nervous having my photo taken, and more so because it was for business and I knew I was going to be in the spotlight for a couple of hours whilst we took different shots. I wanted to appear approachable and friendly (because I am) and not like a rabbit caught in headlights. Amanda was friendly and I did manage to relax, she was also very respectful of my ‘hang ups’ and managed to get lots of pictures I’m really happy with. I’m particularly pleased with the photo taken at Darley Park. This was Amanda’s idea, to reflect a connection to nature. I love it and it’s now on my website at

I have started using some of the photos on my social media pages, in my leaflet advertising and on my website, and any future publicity that I can use the photos for. It’s definitely worth the investment if you are working on branding your business. Thanks so much Hayley & Amanda”.

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