5 REASONS WHY A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS HEADSHOT IS CRUCIAL IN TODAY’S ONLINE MARKETPLACE | by Amanda McConnell Photography | Specialist Headshot Photographer | Derbyshire

Dynamic and driven businesses need dynamic business headshots!

The importance of social media and websites in the online business world means that the days of using unflattering, unprofessional looking snapshots for your profile image are long gone.

In our busy world of social media, to have a successful online business presence you need a professional business headshot that will create the RIGHT first impression and to stand apart from the competition. Prospects want to connect with you and get a feel for you and your business instantly to help them decide whether or not they want to do business with you before they’ve even met you. This is why having a professional business headshot is crucial for professional businesses who promote their products and/or service online.

Being in front of a camera isn’t the most comfortable place to be for many of us, but if you find a commercial photographer who will work with you to understand you and your business, guide and help you plan your images that will capture the look and impression you want to convey and naturally portraying your personality, you will have great professional headshots that you will feel proud of and want to use to promote your business online and in print.



  • If your current profile image is a snapshot of you with your family, friends, on holiday, with your children, pets, isn’t in focus, has a distracting background, is too dark, etc and if it doesn’t show you looking your PROFESSIONAL BEST!


  • Your business headshot should convey your brand values and portray the RIGHT first impression of you and your business within seconds of your prospects connecting with you online as it enables them to start building trust with you without having met you in person. For example, a warm smile, friendly pose and smart attire will reflect your friendliness, trustworthiness and professionalism which inspires confidence in your abilities to potential customers.


  • A professional headshot will maintain consistency of your brand when it is used across all your social media platforms and website and printed marketing materials.


  • Having some professional business headshots that show you looking your professional best that you feel proud of, will give you peace of mind that you are creating the RIGHT first impression of your business in today’s competitive online marketplace.


If I can help you create the RIGHT first impression of your business with some great headshots or individual images for your marketing please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Amanda x


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